Referentie nr:NL1335970279
Functie:Senior Structural Engineer
Plaats:The Netherlands
Uren per week:40
Loon:Conform CAO
Dienstverband:Long term Job/ Not temporary 
Omschrijving:Our client is active in the Maritime sector.

- Performs required complex (local-) strength calculations with structural analysis software, and by hand, according to the rules of classification societies and (inter-)national design codes;

- Writes technical purchase specifications for materials and equipment;

- Performs calculations and prepares drawings concerning the loading and transportation of the Yachts, and major structural components, to and from the covered building shed;

- Knowledge of and experience in rules and regulation of Classification Societies and (inter-)national authorities (LR,MCA-LY2,SOLAS etc);

- Knowledge of and experience in systems, installations, outfitting and commissioning sequences.

-Collect all necessary information with regard to specification of the yacht and applicable standards, study and interpret law, rules & regulations, and if necessary discuss the given assignment with Section Leader Engineering.

-Prepare a global lay-out, basic and detail drawings and calculations, as far as applicable for the technical discipline;

-Write technical specifications for other departments;

-Check engineering work executed by third parties, and if necessary take corrective actions;

-Participate in meetings and, if required take minutes (most of the time with third parties) for the sake of fine tuning and discussions about progress, quality and planning;

-Support Production Management and/or subcontractors and suppliers with technical advice and analysis during the engineering and production phases of the work.

After self-control of work, submit all documents to Section Leader Engineering for approval before these can be released for Production by Project Leader Engineering.

- Take initiatives and contribute to improvement–yard standards, work methods, processes  and procedures;

- Stay up-to-date with regard to technical innovation and development, law and regulations.

Opleiding:Bachelor/Master degree in Naval Architecture / Marine Engineering / Mechanical Engineering 
Ervaring:Minimum 5-7 years experience
Functie-eisen:Language: Dutch language or English Language 

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